This year’s United State Cross Country Championships will take place from January 2-10 at Soldier Hollow in Midway, Utah.

This will be the main site for event information.  Here you will find schedule updates as everything is planned out.  You’ll be able to see results from all of the racers, and find out where the celebrations are going to be.

The championship is organized by Soldier Hollow Legacy Foundation, a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt foundation that was formed in 1999.

Contact Information

Soldier Hollow
PO Box 2002
Midway, Utah 84049

Howard Peterson
PO Box 2002
Midway, Utah 84049

Scott Peterson
PO Box 2002
Midway, Utah 84049

Judy Klautt
PO Box 2002
Midway, Utah 84049

Internet Access

Free wife is provided at Soldier Hollow, both in the lodge and at the competition center.


All coaches and athletes have a current USSA membership or a current FIS license.

You must register and complete the Soldier Hollow Waiver in order to obtain proper identification, race, and coaching bibs.

The deadline for your registration form and full payment will be December 27th at 5pm.

Entry Fee

The cost is $150 for 3 or more races, $125 for 1-2 races.  This includes the welcome gift and a ticket to the Cross Country Celebration.

US Ski Team athletes are required, but still need to fill out the registration form.

It’s $35 for coaches.  This allows you access to wax areas, coaches meetings, and the course.

That’s not much.  Follow a couple of the daily free picks at Boyds Bets and you’ll make that in no time.

Accommodation and Meals

Heber Valley is home to a variety of lodging and dining options for all; among them are Homestead and Zermatt Resorts in Midway, Utah.

Trail Passes

Paid entry into the 2014 U.S. Cross Country Championships includes skiing privileges from January 3-10, 2014. Registered/Paid Coaches, Suppliers, Press/Media also receive skiing privileges on those days.

Trail passes are required on other/unofficial days and must be purchased in upper level of the Lodge at Soldier Hollow.

Individual trail passes are available for $8.00.

Soldier Hollow extends this same rate to parents of participants.

Parents and Spectators

Parents and spectators are asked to park at the Lodge at Soldier Hollow. The trails and finish area can be accessed using City Slicker from the Lodge, either on skis or on foot.

Parking for Athletes, Coaches and Officials

Parking for Athletes, Coaches and Officials only is available at two paved lots. The lots are located outside the green gate, and opposite the Western Experience Area at the entrance to the Olympic Stadium area.


Available in the upper level of the Lodge at Soldier Hollow.

First Aid

First Aid will be located in the East end of the 1st class building to the east of the competition building, by the stadium.