Ranking the Top 5 Super Bowl MVPs

The Super Bowl 2016 finale is just days away, and both Patriots and Falcons are getting ready for the grand Saturday match for the title. As everyone looks into seeing who would win the Super Bowl this time, it is equally intriguing who would be the MVP of the game. Though there are names and speculations are surfacing, there is no clear information can be drawn at this stage as the game day could be different. The prominent name that favored to help their team win it all includes three times MVP Tom Brady, considering his vast experience. There are instances where we saw the hero turns villain in the title match also making the declaration unpredictable.

It is in the year 1967; the MVP awards started presenting to the most valuable player of the Super Bowl. The initial winner was Bart Starr of Green Bay Packers, and he won the second MVP award too. It is good to know some of the greatest players in Super Bowl by referring the top MVPs till date. It is not comparing the skills and capabilities of players of the different generations, but just comparing the impact, they made during their period. Let’s discuss the top five MVPs till date considering their performance, statistics, and popularity.

1. Joe Montana

Joe Montana, the quarterback of San Francisco 49ers, is remembered in the ground for a number of quite unbeatable records and memorable moments. The three-time winner of Super Bowl MVP has made his team winning 4 Super Bowl championships during the 90s. Apart from that, he was also named as the MVP of NFL in 1989 and 1990. Just remember the finals of 1990, where 49ers blown down Denver Broncos for an unbelievable 55-10 victory. It is considered to be one of the best winning margin in the finals and Montana’s contribution of throwing for 297 yards, five touchdowns – a Super Bowl record, and rushing for 15 yards helped the team to clinch the title with the biggest margin.

Still, he holds the record for most passes without any interception that is 122 in 4 games and the best quarterback rating till date with 127.8.

2. Steve Young

Steve Young, another quarterback of San Francisco 49ers during the 2000s has captured the attention of NFL lovers with his great passes and touchdowns in the field. He led the team to 3 Super Bowl titles along with winning Super Bowl MVP in 1995.

Interestingly, he won 2 time NFL MVP as well during the period. He is considered to be one of the best passers of all the times, and in 1994 he made a record for passing rate at 112.8. His career long 43 rushing touchdowns and 1500 passing attempts at 96.8, making him one of the best quarterback and the most efficient player.

3. Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice, again from San Francisco 49ers but the famous Wide receiver is considered to be the best Wide Receiver in NFL, and many of the records are still under his name. He has 3 Super Bowl championships, a Super Bowl MVP, and one NFL MVP during his course of time. He would be remembered for the great performance in the Super Bowl in 1989 against Cincinnati. His game-tying touchdown that saw in the fourth quarter and five pass intersection for 109 yards decided the game for 49ers. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010.

4. Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw, the quarterback of Pittsburgh Steelers during the 1980s will be remembered forever for his four Super Bowl titles within a span of 6 years. He is the first quarterback who won 3 titles and four titles for the first time in the NFL history. Winning four titles, 2 Super Bowl MVPs, one NFL MVP and many other accomplishments in the ground, making him dear to the fans even now. He was one of the strongest men in the NFL history with very strong arms. In four Super Bowl appearances, he set a record by passing 932 yards with nine touchdowns. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1989, the inception year of the hall of fame.

5. Terrell Davis

Terrell Davis, the running back of Denver Broncos is called by fans and media as T.D. that implies touchdown. With his assistance, the team has won two consecutive Super Bowl titles. Apart from that, he became the Super Bowl MVP in 1998 along with winning NFL Most Valuable Player of the year. He holds the record of the all-time leading rusher with around 7,607 rushing yards in an average of 4.6 in Broncos uniform. His performance including 30 carries for 157 yards, and additionally, three 1-yard touchdowns helped the Broncos to clinch the title against Packers.


The list is not static, and it should see frequent changes for the good of the football and its popularity. Since there are just days away from the Super Bowl, you can expect another brilliant performance and may see an addition to the list.

Breaking Down the Craziest Super Bowl 51 Prop Bets

Wackiest Ways To Bet on The Super Bowl 

Many will turn their eyeballs to The Super Bowl this year. A game focusing on a showdown between The New England Patriots and The Atlanta Falcons. One that will call The NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas home this year. Whether you attend the game there in person or watching it at home on FOX starting Sunday evening at 6:30 PM. Yet the most interesting aspect of the aspect of the game involves Las Vegas and certain other places. Such as who certain gamblers will bet on. And even more so, WHAT they will bet on!

William Hill U.S. reveals one bet involves how many times college basketball player Grayson Allen will foul in a game. One pitting his team Duke University’s Blue Devils vs. University of Pittsburgh’s Panthers. Those betting are asked to put up $100 in order to possibly win $155. Or how much The New England Patriots’ own running back LeGarrette Blount will yard on his first rush. Conversely, those gambling are being asked to bet $155 for the chance to get $100. Another focuses on how many three pointers pro basketball player Stephen Curry will make for The Golden State Warriors. At least in regards to their game with The Sacramento Kings. Or how many receptions Devonta Freeman will get.

Another bet is being placed between Tiger Woods’ 18 hole score in the Omega Dubai Desert Classic and The Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady’s passing. This one is being covered by The Westgategate Las Vegas Superbook. The ratio is 18.5 in favor of Woods. Another bet The Superbook profiles is how many goals the forthcoming pro hockey team The Vegas Golden Knights will score in their game in the season 2017-2018 season. As opposed to total field goals both Super Bowl teams make in this year’s game. The odds are 110 favoring The Patriots and The Falcons. Yet 130 is held against The Vegas Golden Knights.

SportsBetting Dime reports a 7 to 3 odd that a FOX reply will show NFL official Mike Pereira will be wrong on the first coach’s challenge. Another reveals the bets placed the color of Lady Gaga’s hair when she appears onstage during the halftime show. The wager is 2 to 3 that it will be blond. While there is also 3 to 1 odds that it will be brown. There are those who bet 10 to 1 that it will be pink. Yet 14 to 1 bets it will be the same color as the field! A bet reported in Sportsbook.ag involves whether the rating for this year’s Super Bowl will over or under 47.5 million viewers. Sportsbook also features a debate over the MVP will thank first. Bets are placed 6 to 1 that it will either be the coach or owner of the team. A high 275 who wager he will not thank or mention anyone on the list. A 4 to 1 over believing he will either thank his family, the fans, or the city of their home team. Another high bet of 225 predicts he will thank God. There are even one thousand to one odds it will President Donald Trump! One last high bet of 130 believes he will thank his teammates.

Bovada reveals a bet over whether or not players of both teams will kneel during The National Anthem. There are 200 gambles who feel they will yet 300 feels they will not. Another wager this publication reports is what will be higher on Super Bowl Sunday? The outcome of the wager is 170 in favor of Tom Brady rushing yards. As opposed to to 250 against the length of President Donald Trump being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly.

Who is Going to Win Super Bowl 51?

Super Bowl 51 is almost upon us and two of the more explosive teams are set to face off in less than a week. While any football game can turn around quickly on a pick 6 or kickoff return, the New England Patriots have been favorites since the teams were announced and with good reason. While it may be tempting to choose the Atlanta Falcons to pull off the upset, and MVP candidate Matt Ryan and All-pro receiver Julio Jones are nothing to scoff at, the Patriots seem like they have the hardware to win yet another Super Bowl. Here is why they will be hard to beat in Super Bowl 51.

Tom Brady

After the Deflategate scandal that marred the 2014 Super Bowl victory and allegations of cheating that have followed the Patriots since they defeated the St. Louis Rams and Marshall Faulk, Tom Brady was suspended for four games to start the 2016 season. The Patriots ended up with a 3 and 1 record during this period and showed how deep the team is, even without Tom Brady. While Jimmy Garafalo was solid with the Patriots, they truly came into form with Tom Brady at the head and only lost two other games all season.

Tom Brady came into the season with a monkey on his back and with a determination to win after being sidelined. If it weren’t for the time he spent on the sideline, Brady would likely be the MVP favorite, an honor that is now with the Falcons’ Quarterback Matt Ryan. Still Brady seams to be seriously devoted to pushing his team to yet another Super Bowl win and overtaking Joe Montana as the quarterback with the most victories in NFL history. Betting against Brady and his drive and experience is not a smart bet.

Bill Belichick

Belichick and the Patriots have already cemented themselves as the first NFL Dynasty of the 21st Century. Always serious and with his eye on the prize, Belichick will have his team and players prepared for the big game and focused on not squandering another Superbowl chance, like he did when he faced the New York Giants twice. Expect Belichick to have a few tricks up his sleeve but also to focus a strategy on taking away the first option for the Falcons, Julio Jones. While Jones is hard to stop, other Falcons players will have to step up (maybe Taylor Gabriel or Mohamed Sanu), and Belichick will likely have an answer for them. Never bet against Belichick in the post season, unless Eli Manning is there of course.

Experience in the Post Season

The Patriots are experienced in the playoffs and have won the AFC East in practically every season over the past decade. While Bill Belichick has discounted the role that experience has in the playoffs and Super Bowl, saying that anyone can step up and produce in a game. Still experience in playoffs and big games do matter, particularly when things go against a team in the early going. The Patriots have the experience to overcome an early deficit and also the experience to exploit an early advantage, while the Falcons lack of experience may show up in an inopportune moment and cost them a potential victory.

Defense Wins Championships

The Atlanta Falcons have an explosive offensive, perhaps the best in the league with the best receiver in Julio Jones. Brady has had to make do with more pedestrian receivers since Rob Gronkowski has been injured and is going to miss the Super Bowl. While the Atlanta Falcons have the top offense, the Patriots defense allowed the fewest points in the league in 2016. While New England may not have any standout names on defense, the unit is well rounded with Devin Mccourty, Donta Hightower, and Trey Flowers.

What the Patriots lacks in star power it makes up in versatility. The Patriots can cover tight ends and pass catching running backs with safety Patrick Chung, or can play a more conservative defense with their big nickel package that has three safeties drop back into coverage. This adds versatility when covering a complex offense like the Falcons have and may propel the Patriots to the Super Bowl podium. As the Denver Broncos showed last year, defense wins championships and the Patriots have the definitive advantage here.

The Super Bowl Podium

All of this means that we will likely be seeing that one thing that Roger Goodell likely doesn’t want to see; Tom Brady getting another Super Bowl victory right after the Deflategate fiasco. The Patriots will prove their reputation and will show how the Brady and Belichick combo is the best in NFL history. The game may not even be competitive if the Patriots manage to get an early lead and convert some early opportunities that they exploit for a blowout win.

Can the Cleveland Cavs Repeat in 2016-17

The Cleveland Cavaliers stunned the Golden State Warriors via an epic comeback in the NBA finals from a 3-1 deficit to win the NBA championship and the first championship to Cleveland in over 50 years. This result justified the gutsy move on the Cavaliers’ part to fire David Blatt although they were in first place in the Eastern Conference at the time last season.

Now the Cavaliers go from being the hunters to the hunted. The Cavaliers are the absolute favorite to win the Eastern Conference. There is no doubt in my mind that they will do so.

When you have the best player in the world on your team in LeBron James, all the rest of the pieces just have to fall in place. Other than adding veterans Mike Dunleavy and Chris Andersen, all of the core pieces from last year’s run are in place.

Tristan Thompson will continue to be a menace on the boards. His epic rebounding prowess gave the Warriors fits during their comeback in the Finals, especially when Andrew Bogut went down with an injury during the series.

One can expect Kyrie Irving’s confidence to be through the roof after the series that he has last year. Big time players show up during the biggest games.

Kyrie Irving outplayed MVP Stephen Curry in every form and fashion during last year’s finals. Irving has always had all the tools in the world to be a big-time player. Now that he has learned to win on the big stage, Irving will definitely be expected to take even more of the load off of LeBron James.

As for Kevin Love, he continues to remain a question mark. While Love serves to stretch the floor, he is not worth the salary that he is receiving on his contract. If I’m a Cavs fan, I’m hoping that Kevin Love has an above-average season. In this manner, the Cavs can trade him for some valuable players and future draft picks. I feel that this will help to solidify their future.

There is no long paragraph needed to describe what LeBron James will do. I think most NBA observers know what to expect from him by now.

Will the Cavaliers repeat?

As previously stated, I feel the Cavaliers will win the East again and go to the NBA Finals. No one can challenge them in the Eastern Conference.

I feel we are headed for Cavaliers/Warriors – Part III. With the addition of Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors have a squad that is reminiscent of the X-Men and/or Justice League of America. The Warriors have 4 former All Stars and Zaza Pachiula in their line-up.

However, the San Antonio Spurs’ opening night wipeout of the Warriors exposed potential rebounding issues that the team must address. Moreover, the team lacks shot blocking prowess as well.

I’m of the belief that Andrew Bogut’s injury in the Finals was a serious blow to the Warriors. Since then, he has moved on to Dallas.

While the Warriors have only strengthened their perimeter play with the addition of Kevin Durant, I do not feel that they have addressed their issues in the paint adequately enough.

Until the Warriors address their paint problems, I feel that the Cavs will mash them in the paint again just like they did last year. Barring a mid-season trade by the Warriors to boost their paint issues, I feel that the Cavs will repeat as NBA Champs in 2016-2017.