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Ranking the Top 5 Super Bowl MVPs

The Super Bowl 2016 finale is just days away, and both Patriots and Falcons are getting ready for the grand Saturday match for the title. As everyone looks into seeing who would win the Super Bowl this time, it is equally intriguing who would be the MVP of the game. Though there are names and speculations are surfacing, there is no clear information can be drawn at this stage as the game day could be different. The prominent name that favored to help their team win it all includes three times MVP Tom Brady, considering his vast experience. There are instances where we saw the hero turns villain in the title match also making the declaration unpredictable.

It is in the year 1967; the MVP awards started presenting to the most valuable player of the Super Bowl. The initial winner was Bart Starr of Green Bay Packers, and he won the second MVP award too. It is good to know some of the greatest players in Super Bowl by referring the top MVPs till date. It is not comparing the skills and capabilities of players of the different generations, but just comparing the impact, they made during their period. Let’s discuss the top five MVPs till date considering their performance, statistics, and popularity.

1. Joe Montana

Joe Montana, the quarterback of San Francisco 49ers, is remembered in the ground for a number of quite unbeatable records and memorable moments. The three-time winner of Super Bowl MVP has made his team winning 4 Super Bowl championships during the 90s. Apart from that, he was also named as the MVP of NFL in 1989 and 1990. Just remember the finals of 1990, where 49ers blown down Denver Broncos for an unbelievable 55-10 victory. It is considered to be one of the best winning margin in the finals and Montana’s contribution of throwing for 297 yards, five touchdowns – a Super Bowl record, and rushing for 15 yards helped the team to clinch the title with the biggest margin.

Still, he holds the record for most passes without any interception that is 122 in 4 games and the best quarterback rating till date with 127.8.

2. Steve Young

Steve Young, another quarterback of San Francisco 49ers during the 2000s has captured the attention of NFL lovers with his great passes and touchdowns in the field. He led the team to 3 Super Bowl titles along with winning Super Bowl MVP in 1995.

Interestingly, he won 2 time NFL MVP as well during the period. He is considered to be one of the best passers of all the times, and in 1994 he made a record for passing rate at 112.8. His career long 43 rushing touchdowns and 1500 passing attempts at 96.8, making him one of the best quarterback and the most efficient player.

3. Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice, again from San Francisco 49ers but the famous Wide receiver is considered to be the best Wide Receiver in NFL, and many of the records are still under his name. He has 3 Super Bowl championships, a Super Bowl MVP, and one NFL MVP during his course of time. He would be remembered for the great performance in the Super Bowl in 1989 against Cincinnati. His game-tying touchdown that saw in the fourth quarter and five pass intersection for 109 yards decided the game for 49ers. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010.

4. Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw, the quarterback of Pittsburgh Steelers during the 1980s will be remembered forever for his four Super Bowl titles within a span of 6 years. He is the first quarterback who won 3 titles and four titles for the first time in the NFL history. Winning four titles, 2 Super Bowl MVPs, one NFL MVP and many other accomplishments in the ground, making him dear to the fans even now. He was one of the strongest men in the NFL history with very strong arms. In four Super Bowl appearances, he set a record by passing 932 yards with nine touchdowns. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1989, the inception year of the hall of fame.

5. Terrell Davis

Terrell Davis, the running back of Denver Broncos is called by fans and media as T.D. that implies touchdown. With his assistance, the team has won two consecutive Super Bowl titles. Apart from that, he became the Super Bowl MVP in 1998 along with winning NFL Most Valuable Player of the year. He holds the record of the all-time leading rusher with around 7,607 rushing yards in an average of 4.6 in Broncos uniform. His performance including 30 carries for 157 yards, and additionally, three 1-yard touchdowns helped the Broncos to clinch the title against Packers.


The list is not static, and it should see frequent changes for the good of the football and its popularity. Since there are just days away from the Super Bowl, you can expect another brilliant performance and may see an addition to the list.