Breaking Down the Craziest Super Bowl 51 Prop Bets

Wackiest Ways To Bet on The Super Bowl 

Many will turn their eyeballs to The Super Bowl this year. A game focusing on a showdown between The New England Patriots and The Atlanta Falcons. One that will call The NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas home this year. Whether you attend the game there in person or watching it at home on FOX starting Sunday evening at 6:30 PM. Yet the most interesting aspect of the aspect of the game involves Las Vegas and certain other places. Such as who certain gamblers will bet on. And even more so, WHAT they will bet on!

William Hill U.S. reveals one bet involves how many times college basketball player Grayson Allen will foul in a game. One pitting his team Duke University’s Blue Devils vs. University of Pittsburgh’s Panthers. Those betting are asked to put up $100 in order to possibly win $155. Or how much The New England Patriots’ own running back LeGarrette Blount will yard on his first rush. Conversely, those gambling are being asked to bet $155 for the chance to get $100. Another focuses on how many three pointers pro basketball player Stephen Curry will make for The Golden State Warriors. At least in regards to their game with The Sacramento Kings. Or how many receptions Devonta Freeman will get.

Another bet is being placed between Tiger Woods’ 18 hole score in the Omega Dubai Desert Classic and The Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady’s passing. This one is being covered by The Westgategate Las Vegas Superbook. The ratio is 18.5 in favor of Woods. Another bet The Superbook profiles is how many goals the forthcoming pro hockey team The Vegas Golden Knights will score in their game in the season 2017-2018 season. As opposed to total field goals both Super Bowl teams make in this year’s game. The odds are 110 favoring The Patriots and The Falcons. Yet 130 is held against The Vegas Golden Knights.

SportsBetting Dime reports a 7 to 3 odd that a FOX reply will show NFL official Mike Pereira will be wrong on the first coach’s challenge. Another reveals the bets placed the color of Lady Gaga’s hair when she appears onstage during the halftime show. The wager is 2 to 3 that it will be blond. While there is also 3 to 1 odds that it will be brown. There are those who bet 10 to 1 that it will be pink. Yet 14 to 1 bets it will be the same color as the field! A bet reported in involves whether the rating for this year’s Super Bowl will over or under 47.5 million viewers. Sportsbook also features a debate over the MVP will thank first. Bets are placed 6 to 1 that it will either be the coach or owner of the team. A high 275 who wager he will not thank or mention anyone on the list. A 4 to 1 over believing he will either thank his family, the fans, or the city of their home team. Another high bet of 225 predicts he will thank God. There are even one thousand to one odds it will President Donald Trump! One last high bet of 130 believes he will thank his teammates.

Bovada reveals a bet over whether or not players of both teams will kneel during The National Anthem. There are 200 gambles who feel they will yet 300 feels they will not. Another wager this publication reports is what will be higher on Super Bowl Sunday? The outcome of the wager is 170 in favor of Tom Brady rushing yards. As opposed to to 250 against the length of President Donald Trump being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly.